Home Chef's Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept behind Eat Social app?

Eat Social app is smart phone application (app) which helps in building community, where home chefs and home food lovers come together. You cook food for your family/yourself on a daily basis, cook few extra portions and offer them on Eat Social app to community of home food lovers around you. Eat Social helps you to exhibit your cooking skills and get appreciation for it, and also make some money, without stepping out from the comfort zone of your home.  

How to register as home chef?

You can register through our website or place a request from within the app. Upon receiving your request our home chef on-boarding team will get in touch with you.

How to offer my homemade food?

After your on-boarding process is completed, you can offer your homemade food simply by using Eat Social app, which allows you to add all the necessary details about the meal such as Description, Type, Quantity and Price. Before adding the meal we advise you to keep a nice picture of the meal ready in your phone’s photo gallery. Someone has rightly said that “a picture is worth thousand words”.

How will a customer see and order the food that I am offering?

Eat Social App users within a certain pre-defined distance from you, will be able to see your food offering on their smart phones. When a customer starts the app, he is able to see food menu from all the chefs, choose what he likes and place the order from the app itself. As a home chef you will receive a order confirmation SMS on your mobile. 

What should I mention in my meal description?

Once you've decided on the kind of food and menu you want to put up, take some time to think about

  1. A nice name for your meal (e.g. Paneer Combo, Mughlai chicken combo, Paratha Amritsari)
  2. A good description with enough info for a diner to set his expectation right. Such as..
  • Potion size, number of roti/Paratha/Appam/eggs pieces, boneless, 
  • Spice level (low, medium, high)
  • Any specific cooking process (marination, dum, slow flame etc)
  • Caution about possible allergens (allergy causing ingredients) (nuts, seafood, milk, colour).
  • You may also mention region or state which specialises in particular style of cuisine (e.g. Rajasthani, Lucknowi, Hyderabadi, Andhra, Malwani, Punjabi, Malabar, Chettinad, Bengali etc etc).

How can I add picture when food is not ready?

We encourage all the home chefs to build their own picture library, by regularly clicking the pictures of the food that they are preparing at home. Use your smart phone or any digital camera for this purpose. 

Eat Social team will also have a collection of pictures that can be accessed by home chefs in case they do not have picture in their phone library.

CAUTION: Do not use food pictures from internet as they may be copyrighted. 

When do I have to cook the food?

You need to cook only after receiving confirmed orders.

How will I know about my orders?

You will receive SMS with order details on your registered mobile number as and when a order is placed for your dish. You will also receive a consolidated order SMS immediately after the order cut off time for the final order.

When should I start cooking?

We suggest our home chefs to start cooking food as soon after receiving 50% or more orders which you placed for sale. 

How much minimum time do I get to cook the food?

You will get at-least one and half hour to cook the food. If you get all the orders before order cut off time then you have more time.

Isn’t one and half hour too less for making food?

Food making involves two major steps, 

  1. Preparation of ingredients and actual cooking. Preparation involves arranging, cutting, dicing, slicing, peeling, kneeding, marinating etc. of ingredients. It takes approximately 60% - 70% of total time (i.e. start to finish) needed for making complete meal. 
  2. Cooking on the flame takes rest of the time, which may require frying, pressure cooking, baking, boiling, steaming, dressing etc. 

Hence Eat Social strongly suggests keeping sufficient ingredients ready and prepared even before you get any order.

CAUTION: Any preparation that requires electricity (like mixer, grinder, Micro wave oven etc) should be done first as any power failure will add to delays and you may not be able to cook in time. And for cooking reduce your dependency on electric appliances such as Hot plate, Induction cooker, electric rice cooker etc. The reason is that any power outage, for howsoever small duration it may, can spoil the dish, add to the delay, create panic, and in worst case scenario, it might force you to cancel the order.

How to ensure that food is delivered hot?

In case you have cooked the meal much before the arrival time of pick up boy, you are advised to heat the main dishes of your meal just before handing it over to pick up boy. The pickup bags are thermally insulated which maintains the warmth of the food till it is delivered.

How far my meal will be delivered?

Your meal will travel as far as 7km from your kitchen. This limit is managed by the Eat Social application. This way meal gets delivered between 20 mins to 40 mins after pick up, thus ensuring the warmth of the meal.

What kind of food can I offer on Eat Social?

You can offer any food that you prepare at home for your family and friends. Eat Social doesn’t put any restriction on type of food that can be offered on this platform. 

Is there a cut off time for offering my food on Eat Social app?

Yes, there is a cut off time for adding your meals (lunch / dinner). You should add your home made meal's details on the Eat Social app a day prior, i.e. For tomorrow’s order you have to add your dish today.

How many meals can I offer for Lunch/Dinner?

Min – 2 and Max – 10

What happens, if a customer wants higher quantity? 

We will take the request of customer and pass it on to home chef. After home chef’s approval we will share the customer details with them.

What happens if I have to cancel my meal due to some unavoidable reason?

Call Eat Social support number and inform about this situation.

If there are no orders for your meal, we will remove the meal from the Menu. 

When you have got confirmed orders, remember that the customer is counting on you for his/her lunch or dinner.  Cancellations are really disruptive for diners / guests, but we know that sometimes unexpected situation can arise. 

In case of genuine reasons if you are forced to cancel confirmed orders, please do it as early as possible, not later than 10:00am for Lunch and 05:30pm for Dinner. When an order is cancelled, you will be recorded as the party initiating the cancellation in our system. 

In highly exceptional situation chef can request cancellation after the above mentioned cancellation time limits. In this scenario, because chef cancellation, require extra customer support efforts and generate additional expenses for securing last minute order replacements, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the value of confirmed orders. This fee will be deducted at the time of weekly settlement.

What happens if customer cancels the order? When will I be informed?

Home chef will be automatically informed by SMS, about any cancellation of orders from customer.

Cancellation before order cut off time (11:00am and 06:30pm): Apart from information by SMS, Eat Social Admin team will call the chefs and let them know about cancellation. Chef can continue cooking for the remaining number of orders.  

Cancellation after order cut-off time: In this scenario Eat Social will compensate the chefs.

Compensation for the loss of prepared / semi prepared meal will be given to Home Chefs, by Eat Social (The max compensation will be 70% of the chef’s meal cost)

Do I have to face or interact with the customer at any time?


If I become home chef on Eat social, do I need to cook lunch as well as dinner on daily basis? Can I decide number of meals that I want to cook? 

As an Eat Social home chef, you are the one who decide on what type of food to offer, Which meal (lunch/dinner/both) to offer, for how many people (between 2-10) to offer, and finally for how many days of a week you want to offer. This way Eat Social has tried it’s best to incorporate maximum flexibility and freedom to home chefs, to make them feel comfortable while being part of this food lover’s community.
But Your frequent presence on the app, as home chef, will help in building a fan base for yourself which will help you in getting regular orders. 

Are your delivery boys verified by police?

Eat Social partners with Third Party Logistics companies for the delivery service. Eat Social requires the partner companies to perform required background verification checks for the delivery boys.

When will I receive my payment for the food sold?

Eat Social will make (transfer) your payment on weekly basis, directly into your account. It can take a day or two additionally to reflect in your account.

Is it possible to sell food on some days and order food for myself on some other days?

Yes off-course you can. The same app allows you place an order on other Eat Social home chefs.

What type of containers should I use for packing the food?

To maintain uniformity across all the home chefs, Eat Social team will provide disposable food grade and micro wave safe containers at a very competitive price to its verified and registered home chefs. 

How do I decide the price of the food as a Home Chef?

The pricing of meal is completely up to you. You can get idea of how to price your meal by comparing with similar meals. 

We suggest that as a new home chef, you should price lower than average. This way you can attract new customers. These customers will be comparing your food with others chefs food and provide favourable feedbacks. Once you are popular and have sufficient likes, adjust your rate as required.

Why do you need home chef photo?

Since Eat Social is a food lover’s community, presence of chef’s photo plays a significant role in connecting customers with them. It adds to the overall transparency and in a way helps in building trust. It is good to have your photo.

Why do you need home chef’s profile?

A crisp, 4 to 5 lines of personal profile of yours can play wonders in attracting customers to your meal. Your profile helps the diners to understand you better and set their expectations accordingly.  It should have enough information to let them know what kind of food they can expect from you. So provide a nice and accurate description of yourself and the kind of food you love to prepare. Though you can prepare any type of meal, mentioning your cuisine and region in the profile adds authenticity to your meals. 

I may have to go for 10 days vacation next month, can I take the vacation after becoming chef on Eat social?

Yes, as a home chef you are free to take vacations and other family related obligations. In case you are leaving town for longer duration we request you to just leave a message with us. 

Will there be an agreement between Eat Social and me?

For all the verified and approved Home Chefs, Eat Social will have a set of guidelines and Letter of Understanding for being part of this food lover’s community. We expect all the home chefs to follow these guidelines regularly, as it will help them to serve their customers/diners in an efficient manner. 

Will customer provide their feedback of my food?

Yes, Customer will be requested to provide feedback on the meal(s) they have ordered. The feedback will be in the form of likes and comments. Total likes received by a home chef will be displayed against each home chef’s name and photo. Comments will be visible to Eat Social admin team, who will moderate the comments and let you know if there is great appreciation for your food or if there are some improvement suggestions.

Other than the Eat Social mobile app, what is the role of Eat Social?

Good question: Home chefs are most important pillar of this community and Eat Social team wants you to do only what you are best at i.e. cooking tasty, healthy and hygienic food for your diners. 

To help you achieve this, Eat Social team take cares of: 

  • Marketing and regular promotions for you. 
  • Eat Social will handle the delivery for you. 
  • Eat Social may source containers on your behalf at very competitive price. 
  • Collect payments from customers on your behalf.
  • Support you by managing the operations from centralised office and thru customer helpline.
  • Continuous improvement of Eat Social App.
  • Server and database management.

How much will Eat Social charge for their services?

Eat Social will charge fixed charges, which will depend on your final meal price. The details of Eat Social charges are shared with verified hoe chefs.